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From banking to coal, from oil to telecommunications. Corporations are loved, tolerated and often disliked by their corporate members. They are however the major production units of our global society. They need as much attention as communities and governments in order to be profitable, productive and empowering to their workers.

Like communities, corporations have formal and informal systems by which production is achieved. When the Discovery Process™ is applied to corporations, opportunities to align formal and informal interests in the organization offer the key to dealing with management concerns of productivity, motivation, labor relations, and community well-being.

Understanding the culture of a company in order to reapply the positive parts of that culture to current management is a means to achieving long-term sustainability. Understanding and using the internal processes of the underlying culture defined by informal networks is necessary for increased profitability, successful acquisitions, mergers, and expansion.

Examples of some of our corporate-based work:

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