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"A Meeting of Minds on Cannery Row: Steinbeck
Now makes the connection between the writings of John Steinbeck and the theory of Social Ecology"


JKA begins Social Ecology Program with IRWA!

Social Ecology Program

Social Ecology ProgramJKA and the International Right of Way Association deepened our partnership over the last few months to launch a Social Ecology program within the 10,000 member professional organization. After 4 years, 20 columns for their magazine, and 4 conferences seminars, we have begun a training program that will take us around the country in the coming months.

Here is how IRWA introduced the course to its members:

Introducing IRWA Course 225:
Social Ecology - Listening to Community
Techniques for creating harmony and positive community engagement in right of way acquisition project management

The pilot training session was held in Pablo, Montana in November, 2013. The January edition of 2014 of International Right of Way magazine summarizes that experience:


JKA's Regular Column in Right of Way Magazine

Jim Kent is a columnist for the Right of Way Magazine for the International Right of Way Association. What does it say when a 75-year old, well-established engineering magazine, dedicated to the technical aspects of energy site and corridor development, invited a regular column from Jim on Social Ecology, the Science of Community? Jim shares cutting edge insights, learning experiences and solutions. Read more»»

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