The Three Social Ecology Companies of the JKA Group

JKA Group

  • Social-Economic Analysis
  • Issue Resolution
  • Innovations in Management
  • Crises Intervention

Natural Borders

  • Human Geographic Mapping
  • Culture/Social – Marketing
  • Trend Projections
  • Market Segments

Center for Social Ecology and Public Policy

  • Sustainable Development
  • Public Policy Initiatives
  • Educational Programs
  • Public Service Projects
  • City and County Honolulu
  • Washoe County, Nevada
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
  • U.S. Forest Service (USFS)
  • Holy Cross Electric
  • Tanguisson Power Plant, Guam
  • Aspen Earth Moving Company
  • Chevron USA
  • Sierra County, New Mexico
  • Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Basalt, Colorado
  • Medford, Oregon

Human change initiatives must work at social, economic, and ecological levels if they are to succeed. Social Ecology integrates these three levels to:

  1. Foster sustainable and resilient communities and organizations
  2. Improve management practices
  3. Implement projects successfully
  4. Restructure government and corporate operations

Our companies focus on creating sustainable futures with communities, corporations, and governments. Social ecology promotes integrated bio-social ecosystems that are an accumulation of social and cultural traditions, economic trends and geographic attributes of place. These align professional and local interests, thereby gaining healthy outcomes for your endeavors.

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