Application of the Culture Based Issue Management System to
Improve Production at the Tanguisson Power Plant (Guam)

Hawaii Electric Industries Power Corporation won a competition to create a public-private corporation to operate the Tanguisson Power Plant on Guam. The JKA Group was hired to implement its Culture Based Management system to improve production at the plant which is staffed with workers of Chamorro (Polynesian) background. Chamorro's were the original inhabitants of Guam. Guam fell under Spanish rule for 450 years and then under United States Territory status for about 100 years after the Spanish-American war. The JKA Group worked with local managers to assist them in discovering how to organize the plant and improve production through a cultural process.

The report below is a compilation of three project documents released for this project.

Taken as a group, the above reports provide an excellent example of our comprehensive approach to Issue Management: Assessment followed by Strategic Planning followed by Implementation.

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