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Addressing the social and cultural aspects of project design and implementation in order to reduce social risk.


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"Beyond the Permitting", a look at the Dakota Access Pipeline
Right of Way Magazine, Nov-Dec, 2016


The International Right of Way (IRWA), Inc. for certification of its members, now requires Course 225: Social Ecology: Listening to Community

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Chapter 2, Oakland, California, April 25, 2017
Chapter 29, Niagara Falls, Ontario, May 11, 2017


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An Anthology in Social Ecology: A Collection of 27 Articles on Best Practices in Citizen Engagement

"People have a basic desire to predict, participate in and control their environment in a manner that enhances their lifestyle. If a new project is introduced into the community, residents may become fearful, especially if they haven't been engaged to understand how their community will be affected, or better, how the project can create local benefit. And when residents react out of fear, they may take whatever action is necessary to prevent a project from proceeding.

"There is a scientific approach called Social Ecology that is based on concepts and practical approaches to understanding the "people factor" in right of way issues. It requires that project developers consider the needs, wants and traditions of a local community – before the project is finalized and officially launched. Social Ecology is guided by simple, common sense principles that apply not only to the right of way profession but to everyday life as well. Get to know people. Treat them with dignity and respect."

Barbara Billitzer, Publisher and Editor in Chief, International Right of Way Association, Introduction to Social Ecology Anthology


IRWA"Social Ecology: A special collection of articles on the art and science of Social Ecology," an anthology of 27 articles on best practices in citizen engagement

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Right of Way Magazine Column on Social Ecology, the Science of Community

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