Global Resource Units (GRU)

Global Resource Units distinctly separate the globe into functioning value Units based on settlement, history, geography and cultural reference values. An example from Dr. James A. Kent's article; "The Pacific Rim" illustrates the power of Global Resource Unit recognition:

"We had just finished a five-year process of mapping the Western United States up through the Cultural Resource Unit level. When we looked at our maps, we realized that an almost straight line came south from the Canadian border at about the 100th meridian. It left approximately one-third of North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas on the eastern side of the line. Further analysis of the social, cultural and political realities surrounding this line revealed that people on the eastern side related to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Omaha, Kansas City and Chicago etc., while those on the western side related to the west."

"The eastern side of the line was settled by wetland farmers who stopped at the "uninhabitable" Great Plains. Settlers crossed the plains to settle the west. Fifty to 75 years later when the major settlement of the Great Plains occurred, it came from the west, not the east. The 100th meridian became the first boundary to distinguish the Pacific Rim world from the Western Alliance world. We had defined our first Global Resource Unit."

Global Resource Units are key to understanding the world dynamics from a fresh perspective. Natural Borders has identified five preliminary Global Units. The map of the Pacific Rim shows the significance of this Unit. It is clear that the Western United States is participating in an "economic and social" revolution in the Pacific Rim. The Western Alliance policies of "confrontation and containment" based on a Washington-London-Moscow post-World War II strategy does not "work" in the Pacific. Understanding of the reality of the Global Resource Unit allows international policy making, marketing, etc., to be developed within the cultural system of the Unit and reduces the chance of unwittingly dragging alien and destructive concepts from one Unit to the next.

Global Resource Units aggregate to "Spaceship Earth" in the Natural Borders mapping system.

Global Resource Unit - The Pacific Rim

Global Resource Unit - The Pacific Rim

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