Eric S. Casino

.P.O. Box 29176
Honolulu, Hawaii 96820

Liyangs Heights
Cagayan De Oro City

Voicemail 1(877) 286-7712
Tel. (808) 778-6362


Provide consulting services in education, business, cross-cultural training, and language learning programs.  Area Studies specialization: Philippines and Southeast Asia.

More than 30 years as a social anthropologist actively engaged in university lecturing, applied research, and consulting with governments and corporations in the fields of education, project evaluation, culture-based marketing, social impact assessment, and cross-cultural management.


Ph.D. Social Anthropology (Sydney 1973)
M.A. Philosophy (Loyola House of Studies 1960)

Nine (9) years training as a professional educator in the Jesuit Order

Research and Administrative Experience

Business Consulting

Experience in Education and Training

High School

Three (3) years teaching English, Latin, and Religious Studies in a Jesuit high school


Two (2) years as Teaching Fellow at Sydney University, conducting undergraduate tutorials on comparative Asian and Pacific ethnographies

Graduate and Post-graduate

Over twenty (20) years teaching a variety of courses in anthropology and related social science fields -- geography,  cross-cultural communication, race and ethnic relations, and management science -- as a visiting professor in the following universities:

Honors and Awards East-West Center Fellowship (1977-81)


Fluent – English, Tagalog, Cebuano Visayan, Mapun Samal

Grammatical knowledge – Tausug, Yakan, Bahasa Indonesia
Reading – Latin, Spanish, French, Chavacano

References (On request)


Published seven (7) books and over 20 articles relating to anthropological, historical, and development topics in the Asia-Pacific region (complete list available on request).  Sample of publications:

  1. Mindanao Statecraft and Ecology.  Cotabato City: Notre Dame of Cotabato University Press (2000).
  1. “Person-centered and State-centered Social Security in Southeast Asia,” in Between Kinship and the State.  Social Security and Law in Developing Countries. Eds.  Benda-Beckman et al.  Dordrecht-Holland: Foris Publications (1988).
  1. “The Moros of the Philippines: Levels of Interethnic Conflict,” in Inter-Ethnic Conflict: Myth and Reality, eds. Jerry Boucher and Dan Landis.  New York: Sage Publishing Co. (1986).
  1. “The Parameters of Ethnicity Research,” in Introduction to Ethnicity. Intercocta Glossary, ed. Fred Riggs.  Unesco: International Conceptual Encyclopedia for the Social Sciences (1986).
  1. The Philippines – Lands and Peoples, A Cultural Geography, in The Filipino Nation.  Vol. 2 of a three-volume series.  New York: Grolier International (1982).
  1. “Consultants and Competence in Development and Cross-Cultural Programs,” in Handbook of Intercultural Training, vol. 2, eds. Dan Landis and Richard Brislin.  New York: Pergamon Press (1981).
  1. MACRO/S: Philippine experiment in multi-cultural social studies,” Culture Learning Institute Report 5.2 (January 19978) 9-12
  1. “Folk-Islam in the Life Cycle of the Jama Mapun,” Philippine Sociological Review 15, 1-2 (January-April 1967) 34-47
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