Dave Schultz

Personal Biography

.Dave grew up on dairy farms in Wisconsin. After graduating from college he moved west and worked for the Forest Service in Oregon, Washington, Arizona and New Mexico. His primary responsibilities were managing forest road, trails, campgrounds and developing long range Forest management plans. Another part of his work was helping agency managers develop effective work teams and involving citizens with proposed forest projects.

Since leaving the Forest Service he has dedicated himself to helping citizens learn effective ways to determine the futures of their own communities. He has worked on citizen engagement projects in rural North Carolina, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, and Montana.

Dave and his wife Christine make their home in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley near Hamilton, Montana. Dave is active with several citizen networks working on sustaining local agriculture and planning for growth in rural Montana.


218 Rose Lane
Hamilton, MT 59840
Email: schultz_dv@msn.com
T: (406) 381-2355

Summary of Qualifications

Over 25 years of leading and supervising successful work teams in public and private organizations; facilitating complex, oppositional situations and resolving issues based on common interests. Highly skilled in engaging people on controversial issues, nurturing trust between diverse interest holders, and developing consensus for collaborative action. Extensive experience integrating public policy and citizen action. Special emphasis working in natural resource organizations.

Areas of Effectiveness

Selected Accomplishments

Community / Organization Assessments

Facilitation / Mediation

Training / Design, Delivery, and Evaluation

Leadership / Work Place Management

Professional History

Managing Consultant, Schultz & Associates - 2000 to Present
Building capacity for community-based solutions.

Conducted organizational and community assessments in widely diverse cultural settings, including large metropolitans, small rural communities, and Indian reservations. Trained participants and facilitated group processes to build capacity in communities and agencies to work collaboratively to satisfy mutual interests.

Regional Manager, Spatial Data and Remote Sensing Group - 1969 to 2000
Management Engineer
Supervisory Civil Engineer
Project Engineer
(promoted to above positions)
U.S. Department of Agriculture OR, WA, AZ, NM

Directed and guided work teams to accomplish multi-year projects for infrastructure development in a dynamic natural resource agency. Managed diverse talents of 30 employees. Developed strategic plans that integrated staff goals for multiple work teams. Planned and successfully executed annual programs with budgets of more than $3 million. Negotiated multiple - year contracts and agreements with private consultants and other partners. Recruited and trained 25 new employees from diverse backgrounds and developed a successful retention program that retained 90% of new employees.

Served as internal consultant for organizational development. Designed and facilitated leadership conferences, corporate strategic planning workshops, leadership transitions, program assessments, alternative dispute resolution processes, and public involvement strategies. Facilitated public involvement workshops with highly contentious stakeholders, resulting in productive discussions of important issues.


Training / Certifications

Client list includes:

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