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I bring to my work creativity in addressing how to assist citizens to empower themselves in the physical, biological, social, cultural and economic environments.  I am a social ecologist with great insight in why people do what they do in any given setting. I have relied on this insight for the essential inside information that I can so readily generate in any setting. I am one of the best describers of informal and formal systems.

I am fluent in both English and Spanish,  giving me a wider range of communication. My neutral stance and intimate knowledge of cultures has given me a wonderful ability to establish quick rapport with people from all backgrounds and belief systems. 

Research Projects and Experience

2011-2012 Alta Vista de la Montana,
Community Resources and Housing Development Corporation
Affordable Housing for Agricultural Workers.
Instrumental in the normalization of strained relationships between CRHDC and communities in the project area. the oversight of end of construction, the development of eligibility process, the resettlement of refugees from Burma, establishing a dialogue with local agricultural employers, the creation of an onsite community garden,  ESL and cultural familiarization programs.   

2009- 2010 Western Colorado Health Network,
Cultural Competence Trainings
With 22 counties in the Western Slope of Colorado in my charge, I brought a much needed cultural competence awareness to rural communities, organizations and Institutions. Instrumental in assisting the local cultures in aligning themselves with anticipated change by way of honoring their culture, strengths, values and traditions. Assisted organizations funded by the Colorado Trust, in adapting successful strategies to reach consensus between immigrant populations and receiving communities. Assisted Hospital and clinics implement cultural competence programs to best serve target populations and meet the challenges posed by changing demographics.

2004-2005     Immigrant Integration
Consortium of Community Organizations
Grand Junction, Colorado
Funded by the Colorado Trust, this was a study and an action project aimed at identifying the attitudes of first Generation Immigrants and members of the Receiving Community towards migration and to identify opportunities for collaboration and mutual integration.

2005 Comprehensive Plan
Sierra County, Nevada
Social Research for the creation of Sierra County's first Comprehensive Plan.

2002-2003 River Master Plan
River Master Plan Committee
Town of Basalt, Colorado
A social-economic assessment of first generation Immigrants living in designated flood areas in Basalt, Colorado and Identifying opportunities for collaboration for a River Master Plan calling for alternative housing so as to prevent loss of life and property while preserving riparian habitat and maintaining adequate hydro flows.

2002-2003 "The Link Project"
Rocky Mountain Regional Housing
Carbondale, Colorado
successfully grounded in the informal social networks a past failed attempt to build an affordable housing complex in an effort to retain social capital and ethnic diversity in the community.

2002 "The Willamette Human Geographic Mapping Project"
U.S. Forest Service
Eugene, Oregon
An action project aimed at identifying opportunities for collaboration and Stewardship between users of the land and the U.S. Forest Service.

2001 "A Community Vision for the year 20/20"
City of Grand Junction & Mesa County
Mesa County, Colorado
A Study of the community's vision for the next 20 years while encouraging citizen participation and governance through stewardship and collaboration.

2001 "Creating Socially Responsive Opportunities for Economic Development"
Kootenai Tribe
Bonner's Ferry, Idaho.
An action project aimed to address watershed collaboration while identifying opportunities for Economic recovery for this once timber based community.

2001 "Citizen Issues and Opportunities Related to Bureau of Land Management
Activities in the Farmington District"
Bureau of Land Management
Farmington, New Mexico
A study grounded on the organic wisdom of users of the land, to help guide and give direction to BLM district office in how best manage public lands under its jurisdiction.

2000 "Issue Management for a Proposed Multi-Use Park along the Snake River"
National Park Service and South Central Idaho Recreation
Twin Falls, Idaho
An action project to identify opportunities for design of a Proposed National Park and for collaboration with potential users to give direction through the creative process.

2000-2001 "Developing a Collaborative Management Process for the Southern
Bradshaw Mountains"
Bureau of Land Management
Phoenix, Arizona
An action project that identified opportunities for stewardship and created partnerships with users of the land to address issues of urban encroachment and environmental issues.

2000 "Preparing for Cultural Change in High Desert of Central
Bureau of Land Management
Bend, Oregon
An action project to identify "Human Geographic Boundaries" to create partnerships with users of public lands under the district office jurisdiction.

1999-00 "Making Connections"
Research and Action Planning for Economic Development in the Illinois
River Valley, Oregon"
Cave Junction, Oregon
Illinois River Valley Community Response Team with a grant from Oregon State Lottery through the Rural Investment Fund administered by the State Office of Economic and Community.

1999 "An issue Management approach to Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle Park Development"
Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division. California Department of
Parks and Recreation.
Madera County, California.
A Study to identify the feasibility of a new Off-road State Park and measure its potential environmental concerns and impacts.

1998-1999 "Soda Mountain Socio-Cultural Study"
Bureau of Land Management
South Central Oregon
A Baseline study to identify values of users of the land and their relationship to the Mountain's unique eco-system in preparation for a federal designation.

1997-1998 "Casa a Casa"
Phoenix Talent School District
Talent, Oregon
a cultural assessment to identify barriers in delivery of education and mental health services for first generation immigrants.

1996-1997 "Empowerment and Improved Service Delivery in Distress
City of Medford, Oregon
Research and Action planning to align the existing and emerging issues of the neighborhoods of West Medford.

1996 "No One is Thrown Away"
Consortium of Social Service agencies and organizations.
West Medford. Oregon.
Research and action project for identifying and grounding economic opportunities in the informal social systems of West Medford, as an answer to address social and economic challenges in this low income neighborhood.

1995-1996 "It's that 1%"
Jackson County Urban Renewal Agency and the White City Community
Improvement Association"
A social assessment that grounded the effort in the organic wisdom of the informal social networks to give direction to how best manage growth while protecting culture of place and environment.

1995 "I feel Famous Here"
Oregon Department of Transportation and The Rogue Valley Council of
Talent, Oregon
A research study on community issues regarding transportation and growth.


Foundation for Cultural Exchange                                 Migrant Health Task Force

Grand Junction,                                                         Delta, Colorado
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The Asanga Institute                                                 Center for Social Ecology and Public Policy
Montrose, CO                                                           Ashland, Oregon
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Delta County Library

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