csepp National Field School in Social Ecology and Public Policy CSU

Presented by The Center for Social Ecology and Public Policy (CSEPP) in collaboration with Colorado State University Department of Anthropology.

Program Description

A guided, intensive community fieldwork experience is the basis for understanding current conditions in a specific geographic area and relating these findings to implementation strategies for developing public policy.

A Social Ecology Story
Doc's Lab

Every community has informal cultural systems of communication and caretaking. Together we will learn how people use these systems to make their community work.

The application of social ecology derived from everyday routines leads to policy formation that enhances community life and makes government more efficient.

Social Ecology is the theory and practice of enhancing alignment between formal and informal societal interests to foster balance between the human and physical environments.

The goal is to train competent generalists in applied social science who are capable of applying ethnographic and social ecology methods to a wide variety of policy areas.

Doc's Lab
Gathering Places, where issues emerge and
community policy is in constant evolution.

Policy focus areas will vary year to year to include natural resource policy, community development, human service delivery, economic development, and urban/neighborhood policy. Involves close coordination with the local agencies and organizations responsible for creating and carrying out public policy. The policy focus will be determined in March.

Successful completion of this program entitles participants to:

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